How Works

Here at we let independent artists compete head to head while at the same time generating a cash pot which is divided out to the top three artists every other Friday!

How is the pot generated?

The pot is generated by the total sum of unique plays for all the songs in the system for the current round. 1000 unique plays = $1.00. Each round gets started with $10. The current round winnings are displayed and update live on the homepage.

How is the pot divided?

The top 3 artists for each round will split the total generated pot. 1st place gets 50%, 2nd gets 30% and 3rd gets 20%!

Link your account with your twitter account

Under your account, you can link your account, with your twitter account to send automatic tweets to promote your music. Next to each song you upload, you click the letter 'P' to promote and use your auto-tweets. Tweets are sent on the hour, each hour. (Best for promoting one song at a time.) is not affiliated with, we just use their software.

How To Feature Your Song On The Main Page

Under your account, You can also Feature any of your songs on the main page! Simply click the 'Feature Your Song' Link or In Your Account, Under 'Manage Tracks' Click 'F' Next To Your Song To Feature It On The Main Page. (Increments Of Page Impressions)

Upgrade To Premium

Under your account, you can upgrade to a premium member. You get to upload UNLIMITED songs and you get UNLIMITED auto tweets to promote your songs for maximum outreach!

Free Account

Each Free Account allows you a maximum of 3 song uploads to your account plus 50 auto-tweets to use whenever you like for whichever song. Once you use the free auto-tweets in your account, you have the option to purchase more for your account in your settings, or you can upgrade your account as another option. If you would like to add another song, but already have 3 added, simply delete one and add another as a free member.


Payments will only be made via Paypal. If you dont have an account, you can sign up for one free. All sales on are final, no refunds.

Current Top 3

Eddie Whispers
Eddie Whispers & Young Steal