Jayy Lee Ft. Ray Ray Dinero Produced By Don Coda - How I Live

Artist: Jayy Lee Ft. Ray Ray Dinero Produced By Don Coda
Title: How I Live
Genre: Hip Hop & Rap
Song Info: verse one-jayyLee A real thorough soul you could hear it when I flow mic check 1 2 if you don't already know got the bitches on call clothes on the floor dubs on the rollz royce dubbed on the voice I'm not 5'9 never worked a 9 to 5 a hustla kinda life pop models by the night i mean, pop bottles by the night might top a few bitches if their bodys looks right cuz you know they're real open when u on my type of hype got pornstar bitches tryna hit my Skype and if you hit my skype type Jayy [dot] Fresh but only if you're fine cuz you just might find that I live it how I spit it spit it how I'm living got top notch women stuttering when they speak peaking off the alphabet like all they really know is Jayyyy and that's bet verse 2-ray ray dinero This is how I live, trap life hustlin brick after brick on that young nigga shit damn Jayy you a fly chick two of the best a town and Merced we keep it so west I'm off that Cali, this an anthem for the whole god damn valley I do it big in my city, motivation put it on for the nation I'm doin it what is ya sayin central valley, we back pop bottles pop hollows rob dope that's an over dose west coast two of the finest do the most fill up yo cups and lets make a toast this our life, get money stay high this the life get money stay fly all I know is deal, get dough hustle and flow thats all I know its my time yall gotta go verse 3-jayyLee real when I spit, spit ill when I hit Mics, Vic what you'll need when my guards are unleashed, right? cuz I creep in the night enlight when I write might drop a few lines to impregnate your mind cuz my lip game proper Hip game Hop-per field play? Hoffa harder than the rest so your best just softer easy like your bitch, didn't even have to top her just stop her after head, cuz my mind starts shifting and I'm only after ends straight to the finish, diminish all these rappers got the Doe Boy featured, and you know we chasing after mastering this craft 'til the moneys falling faster than deaf girls claiming Jayy's their favorite rapper assassin on the track, you just killing 'em hardly I'm like Lauryn with the flow and my bars be Marley
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